Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pelecaci shines as Bath win

Been a couple of weeks settling in to the club. Picked up a league win, but suffered 2 draws and 2 losses since taking the helm. The FA Trophy looks to be the only silverware within reach now so we put in a big effort preparing for the match against Weymouth. It was a tense game with cards flying everywhere, but in the end Pelacaci's goal will be all anyone will remember. A fabulous strike from a wide cross blasted through the keeper's hands and into the corner:
Florin Pelecaci was the best player on the park during Bath's 2 - 1 English FA Trophy Third Qualifying Round victory over Weymouth this afternoon and the margin of victory should have been even greater.

The left midfielder netted the winning goal to round off his performance by scoring a powerful effort.

Pelecaci put in an impressive performance for Bath and his goal will have been the icing on the cake for the left midfielder.

Pelecaci has made seventeen appearances so far this season for City, scoring three goals.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Reset ...

Ugh. FM2010 ran out of virtual memory and died horribly ...

Loading up the save game dropped me back to unemployed status! Arrrgh!
Luckily it picked up the offer to Bath again, just this time at 18th October; one month down the track from where I was first given the job. Might do a quick scout to see if the same Backrrom staff are available as that was a the most important thing that was missed.