Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bath players named in Team of the Week

Seven of your players were selected in the Blue Square South Team of the Week first eleven, including Kyle Letheren, Jared Hodgkiss, Callum Hart, James Nash, Michael Abnett, Amadou Kouman and Dexter Ravenhill.

Another record for the club: 7 players filling out the team of the week. Unfortunately we only drew with Workington in our first FA Trophy outing, so it'll be a return match at our place to clog up the schedule even more. Usually I don't mind replays as a revenue generating exercise, but we're going through a really tough part of the season with 2 games a week for the past 4 weeks. Luckily we have the cover sorted for most of our posisitons now, and no-one important is out with injury.

Picked up another young goalkeeper, more for coverage than squad improvement. Hopefully that will have the keeping position sewn up for the next few seasons.

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