Monday, May 3, 2010

Bowes signs new deal with Bath

Bath's manager Tony Bowes has put pen to paper on a 1 year contract extension.

The thirty-seven year old is now set to extend his stay at the club until June 2011.

Bowes had 2 months to run on his existing contract before agreeing the new deal.

Finished off the season in 15th after reaching 10th right before the end. A horror final run had us plying the top 5 teams to put us in a poor mood, then a 0-4 drubbing from St.Albans rubbed in the grit. I was thinking that it might have put my contract renewal on hold, but it looks like I get another go for a season-long push.

Most of the chaff can be cleared away from the roster over the holidays, so that'll make way for some quality to get us up next season. Brought in a couple of new kids right at the death of the season (not that it helped, but they are eager youngsters for the future) and am now waiting on a couple of veterans to look at their inbox.

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